The power of unseen

The power of unseen

The combat is Ongoing

The power of unseen overrides

What the eyes see 

In this atmosphere of uncertainty

The creative power is empowered

By the destructive element

The hugs and kisses are a bygone legacy

The underlying fear of embracing

The loved ones keep the distancing

We see, we hear, we witness

The departing silent cries

The seen and the unseen

Are friend and foe facing each other

Living as contemporaries under 

The silent destructive canopy of the ERA

The silent killer chokes

The breaths of hearts in the vibrant body

To install the stillness silently

It is not a choice of freewill

But the freewill of living

That is snatched from the hands of LIFE

To be grounded lifeless in the ground.

—  Devi Nagrani

कविता और कहानी