Narpal Yadav

Living with opposites
With meeting of opposites
Human life began
Our world was created
When a woman met a man.
Shades look beautiful
On background bright
The wrong exists
For valuing the right.
Why to fear opposites
Like pleasure v/s pain
The sunny dry state
Is necessary for rain.
Nature’s revolving cycle
Gets opposites for play
The young remain grounded
To face a different day.
Little be smiles valued
In the absence of frown
Life’s journey takes us
Through up and down.
Who likes a war
If it isn’t for peace
And if peace prevails
Who will need police?
To enhance our worth
We need positivity
But do feel this need
In the face of negativity.
What draws us to love
Is bitterness of hatred
Likes and dislikes
Are in us integrated.
In solving certain problems
Man with toughness treats
The balancing act occurs
When woman’s softness meets.

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