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Dialogues on Kashmir Shaiva Darshan


They were three friends and despite having many differences in their opinions had immense faith in one another and   remained glued to eachother .They could chat and discuss anything and everything under the sun and their conversations continued for hours and sometimes the wholenight .It was difficult for a fourth one to enter in the middle of their conversations or lengthy debates and had to be contended by being a silent spectator as all three of them did not leave any room or space for anyoutsider .

KuldeepDhar , Sandeep Koul and Tanmay Raina , known as Tridev and at times  Trimurti by their friends ,relatives and colleagues were climbing down the stairs of a temple where they had come in the morning to offer puja . During such occasions Sandeep had a habit of getting into discussions with the temple priests about some philosophical concept and would go to any length to prove his point .Same thing happenend today and Kuldeep and Tanmay had to actually drag him out of the temple premise and take him away as they had to reach the house of a Spiritual Master ,lovingly known as BUBJEE .

“ Why did you ask the priest ,the same question     regarding his  experience of samadhi? The poor fellow was taken aback and started telling stories from Purana .”  Kuldeepsaid while walking down the stairs .Tanmay also didn’t like the way Sandeep was arguing some time back with the priest and said “ By now, you should know that when you have to reach a destination at an appointed time ,one should not get into such debates . We have to rush now as we are getting late .”

Sandeep ,who was also walking fast had a cheerful smile on his face and a satisfied look said “ I responded naturally as the priest was saying few things of which I am sure ,he himself did not understand anything ,so I felt to ask him a direct question and I was not surprised that he had no answer .”

“ Sometime , your experimental behaviourshall land all of us in deep trouble “ said Kuldeep .

Sandeep laughed heartily and soon all three reached the road ,where they looked for a taxi ,which they hired and moved towards the interior of the city where they had their long awaited rendezvous with THE MASTER ,BUBJEE .

It was still morning when all three reached the house of BUBJEE ,who was sitting on a chair in the garden

lawns and was very quietly looking at the flower beds.He was a slim figure in his midfiftiesand unlike most of the Indian Masters was clean shaven and wore simple clothes,which were a mix of Indian and western. He wore a short kurta on trousers and warmly welcomed all three ,who had just entered the house .

He warmly received them and jokingly said “ So finally the TRIKA scholars have made it . As the three will meet the fourth  ,so a communion must happen now .”

All three laughed together and Sandeep quickly responded  “  yes sir ..Its  the fourth that makes the existence of three possible ‘’.

Bubjee smiled and looked into his eyes and signaled them to sit on the bench near the chair where he himself was sitting .

All three sat immediately and there was a silence for a while and Kuldeep hesitantly said “ Bubjee ,we feel that finally our prayers have been answered and you have agreed to give us some time and teach the fundamentals of Kashmir Shaivism .‘’

Tanmay also added “ yesbubjee . it’s a great honour to learn from you and I must say that we have tried to

understand the philosophy by reading on our own and have also attended few seminars but to be honest we

are as blank as we were before ,when we had not read anything . ‘’

Bubjee  listened to them very carefully and then he glanced towards Sandeep who immediately said “I would say that personally I have read most of the spiritual literature that is available right now ,not only of Kashmir but Indian as well as Western . I strongly feel that there is something extraordinary and unique in entire Kashmir philosophy especially Kashmir Shaiva darshan . I have also understood very well that without learning the practical SADHNA its difficult to comprehend the secrets of the vast spiritual wisdom and we do not have many who can teach the practical aspect of our ancient esoteric sciences. ‘’

Bubjee —Before we embark on this journey I would like to know from all three of you the aim and purpose of your study ?

Kuldeep—I love Kashmir and anything related to my motherland and I would like to know everything connected with it like history ,culture, philosophy ,art

,temple ,music etc.Living  away from my  motherland has made me  realize that there is something unique and special in my community and my ancestors of which I must know more .

Tanmay– “I would love to serve my community in whatever way I can .  May be my aim is altruistic and it gives me happiness if I make myself useful to my community .I have been organizing lot of seminars, culturalprogrammes and plays and film festivals in jammu and delhi and wish to do the same in Kashmir.I also believe that our community needs a push through cultural renaissance ,so that its impact is felt by the whole world . The study of our spiritual literature would be one such step in that direction . Somehow I have a feeling that Kashmiri Pandits are born spiritualists and they have a natural and genetic inclination towards the study of the UNKNOWN .”

Sandeep—I am very sure of what I want .  I am in search of immortality or liberation and am ready to work hard towards it . As I said earlier ,I have read a lot and have come to this conclusion that only reading is not sufficient . One must learn the practical side and work for the freedom of the self ,  which is living in a prison or cage of mind and body .I may sound very self- centred but I am more interested in my emancipation

and I understand if I am not liberated myself ,I don’t think I can be of any help to others . I have been in

various schools of study but didn’t get much help . I have heard a lot about you from various sources and I

hope I might get some right directions of practical nature that will lead me to what I am seeking .’’.

Bubjee was quietly listening to all of them and after a momentary pause said “Let me begin with few basic informations ,which I am sure you all must be aware ,regarding the TRIKA SYSTEM OF KASHMIR .

Agama Shastra, spanda Shastra and pratyabhijna Shastra form the three categories of the entire philosophical system .

All major works on tantra belong to the Agama category such as Malinivijaya ,Svachchanda , VijnanaBhairava ,Rudraaymala ,Shiv Sutra etc.

For the TRIKA system the most important is SHIV SUTRAM and our study shall focus on this only .

Spanda Shastra explains the principles laid down in shiv sutra ,from the point of view of Shakti .  Spandakarika is generally a well known treatise and there are many commentaries available .

The  Pratyabhijna  Shastra contains the philosophy of the system and shiv- drsti is one philosophical work but now is not traceable fully . Another text Pratyabhijna Shastra by utpala is one work which is available .Pratyabhijnavimarshini by Acharya Abhinavgupta is another important commentary .

InfactABHINAVGUPTA’s TANTRALOKA  is a great work in twelve volumes and contains the SHAIVA philosophy and practice in all their aspects .‘’

                 BUBJEE paused for a while and waited for a response from any one but all were completely listening and had no questions to ask . It was getting little hot now and there were few more people waiting to have a small chat with the MASTER .  It was his residence and at the same time a school of study where people who were seriously interested in the theory and practice of the system , came and stayed here for some time . The whole atmosphere was filled withserenity ,peace and a sentient vibration prevailed in, which affected the psyche of an individual very quickly .

BUBJEE continued “ As you all three want to stay here and study with me ,its important that you must know and follow few rules and code of conduct and discipline followed here . Your rooms are on the third floor and for few days you all will only study and learn SADHNA and practice it but later on all of you shall be

given some task .These tasks are essential for your inner growth . May be initially you may not like it but I expect complete obedience for some time till you do not reach the next level .‘’

‘’You will also have to participate in group activities which are organized here on daily basis and perhaps there might be some friction too in the process as people here are from different sections of society and communities , so one has to learn to transform the negative energies in order to develop  their spiritual muscles .

The most important part is that if ,in case anyone wants to leave ,it would be understood that all three shall have to go together as I have considered you three as a team and success of one is the success of the  team .’’

All three were bit excited and apprehensive also but were ready to spend at least two months there with the MASTER and were mentally prepared for everything .

BUBJEE further said ‘’ meanwhile ponder over the first two sutra of shiv-sutra ..Do you remember ?”

All three quickly said ‘’yes ..CHAITANYAM ATMA  GYANAM BANDHAH .

BUBJEE smiled and said ‘’ its nice and I would like you to ponder over it today upon the meaning and significance of it . Do you know what pondering is ?Its not just thinking about a particular topic or subject but allowing your mind to go bit deeper into the subject and reflect upon it .  It’s a kind of what in YOG is known as DHAARNA .

So try to practice DHAARNA on these two sutra and we meet in the evening inside the meditation hall . Our evening sessions are for everyone and in the first hour kiirtana is done followed by meditation .Then a discourse on a subject . We have chosen SHIV SUTRA  as our subject of discourse and that’s the reason also why I invited you all during   this period .

In due course you all shall be taught the meditation and method of kiirtan . Till then just sit there in silence and focus on your breath .”

Saying this BUBJEE stood up and was ready to go inside as it was getting very hot outside and his next session was with another group of people who were waiting for him .

Kuldeep , Sandeep and Tanmay also stood up and folded their hands in Namaskar Mudra , waited for BUBJEE to go inside and then quietly moved towards the third floor of the building .


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